Things I Learned on My Gouda Break


  1. People who have 2+ jobs, bless you.

So, long story short, after a few Facebook interactions, I was hired at a cheese shop called The Better Cheddar.  I chose to take on a new job because I was in need for something new. I needed a new experience, some more stimulation in my day. I, obviously, love cheese and this was a seasonal job — it had an end point. I only work 12-15 hours more a week, but outside of work, I have become about as useful as a built in bra (not very useful at all, zero support, FYI). I don’t even have any kids yet, but I commend ANYONE, parent or not, who works a full time job AND another job.

  1. I don’t know sh*t about cheese.

After working at the cheese shop for just under two months, I have discovered that I don’t know as much about cheese as I once thought I did. My boss is a legit cheese connoisseur. He knows the ins and outs of all cheeses, what makes this cheddar different than that, these sheep ate this stuff at the top of this mountain giving it that nutty flavor with a hint of fruit– SAY WHAT. It has been humbling, but very eye opening. I can now say that I can walk anyone through creating their own personalized cheese platter PLUS shrink wrap. *hair flip*

  1. So far, my husband’s new Xbox has not hindered on his social life/our relationship.

We have a deal, and he is doing a great job. Shout out to you, DStein. Thanks for being you and using self-control. Xoxo

  1. EmergenC is ‘lit.’

Working in a middle school of 500+ students and staff, I somehow survived the first semester without getting sick. Elementary was easier to contain. I just had 25 running noses I had to worry about. Now the noses are bigger, louder, and I have 4x as much exposure throughout my day. I’d like to thank my flu shot and EmergenC. I couldn’t have done it without you two.

  1. Friends make you feel better.

I’ve been a little stressed and overwhelmed with work, work again, and other life elements pulling me different ways. No matter what, my crew has been there to listen, bitch with, and laugh until we cry. Even if it’s over the phone, or a group chat, good people make the hard times bearable. Looking forward to a more peaceful, happy 2017 with all you bros and hoes by my side.



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