Spring Has Sprung, Y’all!


This playlist is brought to you by the smooth sounds of spring. What sounds? You may ask. I’m talking the sound of the twitter-pated birds frolicking as the sun rises. The sound of the wind blowing through your windows in your car. The sound of soft rain on a Sunday morning. The sound of the youth’s giggling at the park while you are enjoying a nice cheese and wine picnic with your favorite humans and canines.

I often overlook spring because I’m a stereotypical white girl who “effing loves fall.” I still do, it’s the best camping time of the year and it literally smells like my version of heaven and shut your face if you disagree. BUT spring sure does give fall a run for her money. Spring is inspiring. It is actually light out when I wake up– I get so much more done. I’ve been baking banana bread like it’s my damn job. I’ve been outside so much more, keeping active, gettin’ dat vitamin D. It feels soooo GUUUH.

So enjoy this playlist with a glass of sangria, or on a weekend road trip with an unbeatable view. Welcome to spring time, gouda people.