A Casual Cheese Fan

Following in Cate’s footsteps, I, too, would like to borrow a few of your life’s precious moments to introduce myself, and explain exactly what it is I plan to do here.

Medieval Cheese

Girl, you know this pouch is packed with cheese.

My name is Derek. My mom calls me “D.” My dad calls me “DD.” My close friends utilize vague pronouns to attract my attention, as they may have actually forgotten my name. Now that I’m thinking about it, this is of great concern. MOVING ON.

I greet each day with a crippling dose of optimism armed at my…waist – ready to unleash it upon innocent bystanders at a moment’s notice. That may sound merciless, but this is just how I live. THIS IS WHO I AM.

A proud product of Kansas State University, I am literally bursting at the seams with purple. You may think that, considering I’ve exchanged marital vows with a KU graduate, our relationship may be a bit abrasive at times. Well, you’re partially correct, but it’s only so during college basketball’s conference play. Outside the aforementioned times, our marriage consists of nothing but gleeful bliss and, of course, cheese.


We make it work.

Speaking of which – I’ve always liked cheese. Want some cheese on that burger? Yes, please. Some powdered parm on your lasagna, sir? HOOK IT UP. Shredded, sharp cheddar to accompany your salad, your grace? Wouldn’t eat it without it, bub. You get the idea, gang. Like most folks, I’m a casual fan of cheese. I’d say it most resembles Adele adorers (Adelorors?). Everyone likes Adele a little bit, right? But they’re not, like, counting down the days until the Adele show, ya know? A much better metaphor surely exists here.

This all changed when Cate graced my existence with hers.

Cate’s obsession revealed the key to her heart. When she was en route to Manhattan, one could find me en route to Dillon’s to stock up on all the cheese my Sunglass Hut salary could afford. Following our responsibility-fueled jaunts (greetings to parents and family members, current/future occupational supervisors, and potential voters!) to Aggieville, I would masterfully concoct cheese-based dishes, slowly but surely winning her over. These one-of-a-kind creations would be graced by entry-level cheese products including Cheeze-Itz, American Cheese Slices, bricked cheddar and mozzarella, Squeeze cheese and, I assure you, much, much more.

To me, cheese is much more than a good you consume or adorn other dishes with. It’s become more of an avenue for me. An avenue that’s lead me directly to Cate and her delightful family. This is why, dear reader, I’ve accepted my fate as a cheese Adeloror, and why you’re reading this today. I look forward to discussing cheese and life in-depth as this blog develops, and do hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to the Gouda Life.

– D