And a Very Happy National Cheese Lovers Day To All

Cheese Plate Harry's KC

Today is an important day. Some (we) may argue it’s THE MOST important day of the year.

Friends, colleagues, family, and everyone. Today, we come together to celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day.

We wish you the best and hope cheese finds its way to your stomachs very soon.

If you’re in KC, try the plate above from Harry’s Bar and Tables in Westport, or head over to The Farmhouse in the River Market for their plate (we just reviewed it), or do both!

The point is, guys, just get out there and eat some good cheese with some good people. Talk rubbish and memories, share some laughs, and enjoy yourselves.


D & C

Cheese Pizza Eno's Dallas

This delicious pie is from Eno’s Pizza Tavern in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District.